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Pikkie Stander

Our sweet little Jack Russel girl that gave us so much pleasure during your short lifetime of 4 years. The naughty little puppy that irritated all the big dogs at puppy school.
Our own little TV star that was a finalist in the Kyknet Kwela Family funnies TV show - so so sad. You were so brave that we did not even know you so very sick. You were the best!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Buks Enslin

August 2000 – 22 Augugust 2016. Thank you for sixteen years of pleasure and joy in our home. You were one of us. We will miss you and forever remember you. The mentor of Sasha and Lambo, the ball fetcher, the poser, the camera guy, the soccer ball roller, our security guard, our Jack Russel, our four legged friend and child, our everything. You were the very best!

Friday, 26 August 2016


To our own very special Bruno. You have given us so much love and joy. You will be in our hearts and memories forever. Going to miss you so much Mommy's Handsome Boy ! but we are at peace with the fact you are now in doggy heaven and pain free.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Casey van der Merwe

15 February 1999 - 7 November 2015 Words cannot describe the pain of losing you my precious girl. We had almost 17 amazing years together and each day, minute and second spent with you was a time of pure joy and happiness that I will cherish forever. I miss seeing your happy face and wagging tail in the mornings, and the way you would sneeze to get my attention during the day, and it's so hard knowing I will never again be able to tuck you up in your bed at night with a goodnight kiss. Run free my sweetheart xxx

Monday, 09 November 2015

Misha Hunter

14 March 2002 - 15 January 2015 Our very special Old Lady, you have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken , but know you are in a beautiful place with your sister Sheba. Gone but not forgotten,your heartbroken Mom & Dad. Love & miss you lots Mommy's Old Lady.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Dune van den Heuvel

Our hearts are breaking once again at the loss of another very, very special Empangeni Dog Club Member, Dune van den Heuvel. Dune has been a loyal and loving friend and companion to his loving family for 10 wonderful years and he has been an integral part of the Club since he was a tiny pup. Most pups come into the Club for the first time as quiet shy animals slowly gaining in confidence. This was not the case with Dune! He bounced into the Club full of confidence raring to go and get on with business. Over the years we have seen him grow from puppyhood through to his senior years, and during those years he has left his lasting paw prints on the hearts of every single person who had the privilege of getting to know him. Dune's 'canine curriculum vita' was impressive. He excelled at obedience, quickly moving through every obedience level on offer till he reached the highest levels of advanced obedience possible. He obtained his KUSA 'Canine Good Citizen' certificate at a very early age, much to the delight of his devoted and dedicated Mom and handler, Robyn. He tackled agility with enthusiasm spending many, many happy Saturday afternoons chilling with family and friends on the field. He was a protector of note during protection training classes, yet he remained a gentle giant cuddling up to the 'villain' at the end of every lesson. Dune was a major attraction at displays, enthralling spectators with his brilliance and versatility, and his sheer beauty, gentle nature and his amazing character and sense of humour endeared him to so many! He has taken part in scenting and tracking and has been an ambassador of the Club at so many events, from educational School visits to fund raising functions for the SPCA and his performance as a canine model at the SPCA calendar launch functions will be remembered by all who attended over the past 3 years. Dune, you were loved and adored by so many people, but none more so than your doting and loving family. Our sincere and deepest condolences to Lynne, Larry, Robyn and Lauren on the loss of your precious boy! We feel and share your pain as you grieve for your beloved Dune. RIP and run pain free Big Boy! From the Committee, Empangeni Dog Club

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dune of Kinneret

My precious boy, or should I say “my precious grand dog” as Robs was your Mom and I was your Gran. I hate the fact that you are now a memory, I panic that the way you feel and smell will fade from my memory so I have caressed you so much and breathed the fragrance of you in so deeply so that you, as Kash is, are forever etched in my memory.You were this amazing, gentle, giant with the ability to get the softest face ever imaginable, those dancing eyebrows, when you decided to carry your bowl through to have your meal wherever we were (your takeaways we called it), the way you met me in the garage and took the empty water bottles out of the car door and carried them down for me, you fetched the newspaper each morning and did an amazing “Paddy Paws” proud dance with it. The way that you loved to flop over for a cuddle. How you announced when Robs woke up by coming ahead to tell me. Your obsession with the pool net. Your feather duster games with Lolly. You amused and entertained so many people with your counting and tricks and wonderful obedience. At 52 kgs, you just walked off the back of the bakkie into my arms, always trusting that I would always be there for you as you have always been been there for us. You had to endure so many operations and procedures in your lifetime but were always the calmest most trusting of patients. Whatever we asked of you, you gave with enthusiastic abundance and gentleness. To watch you lose the use of those hind legs has broken our hearts as we knew this day would come. You came to us as a young puppy and leave us as an old man, yet still it seems too soon. Forever would be too soon. How very lucky and privileged we have been to share your lifetime with you. My handsome gentle giant, I hope you are running now, and jumping, my boy, pain free, agile, happy and at peace. You have left an enormous hole in our hearts and our home that will never be filled. My beautiful nDuna, I know you know how much you were loved (I told you often enough)….there are no words to describe the pain of your loss.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dharma Howes

18feb 2001 -25th july 2014 Our special girl you have crossed over to Rainbow Ridge , no more pain just loads of space where you can chase butterflies and dragonflies to your heart's content.You will never be forgotten and we are certainly going to miss all our funny moments, you will no longer be deaf and will be able to hear everything around you how awesome is that.Go well our silly but very much loved Dharmie aka Blossom .RIP gone but never never forgotten especially by your Nats

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Jerry van der Merwe

29 May 2001 - 12 June 2014 Our Jelly Baby, Jelly Tot, Jelly Bean, our Bean - how we miss you! For 13 years we walked the most amazing road together and you taught us so many lessons along the way. You were perfection in every aspect of your beautiful life and we treasure the millions of awesome memories that we made together - thank you for those special memories our precious boy. We loved you too much not to let you go - run free our angel, you will ALWAYS be in our hearts. RIP sweetheart - Maggie and Fanie xxx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

JERRY - The Bean

Jerry, how our hearts break to have to make an entry for you on this dreaded page. Your special nature, incredible obedience and sense of humour will never be forgotten, handsome boy! Gone, but never forgotten. Sincere condolences to Maggie and Fanie for this loss. We all loved you SO much, special boy! Empangeni Dog Club Committee

Friday, 13 June 2014

N2 Chow

RIP to a special canine that roamed freely causing much panic and concern at the Empangeni/Richard's Bay N2 turn off. You were streetwise beyond belief. We hope that you are in a happier place and are at peace at last. R.I.P. You may not have had owners that deserved you but you were in many motorists hopes and prayers every day! The Empangeni Dog Club Trainers and Committee

Thursday, 29 May 2014


What can I say, I am truly shattered. The most amazing gentle hearted, loyal, faithful, protective german shephard that I have ever owned. Thank you for teaching my family what love and loyalty is all about. Rest in peace my big boy, your job is done here on earth, run free at the rainbow bridge my boy with Xixia, Stripe, Netz and Muffin. Till we meet again, gone but never forgotten. Your heartbroken you big boy

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Zoë Lubbe

Born: 06/04/2002 Crossed Over: 04/12/2013 Lord, you have embraced our good friend and loving companion Zoë. While we mourn what we have lost, we do celebrate what we had... and in saying goodbye, we renew our pledge to love and care for any creature you entrust to us for its time of life. Thank you, Lord, for the joy Zoë gave us and for making it possible for us to have made Zoë’s life a good one. My beautiful girl you have now crossed the rainbow bridge, My heart is shattered but I know you are in a beautiful place with many new friends. Till we meet again on that beautiful Shaw I will always remember you.

Wednesday, 04 December 2013


To our beloved German Shepard Eddy. You were taken away from us so suddenly. Thank you for the best 5 years. You have given us so much love and joy. You will be in our hearts and memories forever. We love you so very much and you will always be missed. You were the best friend a person could ever ask for.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


To our beloved German Shepard Eddy. You were taken away from us so suddenly. Thank you for the best 5 years. You have given us so much love and joy. You will be in our hearts and memories forever. We love you so very much and you will always be missed. You were the best friend a person could ever ask for.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Amber Howes

Our funny , special Amber, little did we know how sick you really were like a true dobbie , you always put on a brave face.We will miss like crazy but are at peace with the fact you are now in doggy heaven and pain free , rest well old girl go join Angus and Bell and Miley , going to miss you so much Born 02.08.2001 - died 08.10.2013

Monday, 04 November 2013


01/10/2001 - 25/07/2013 Our SPCA dog. What a bundle of energy and love. Your road also came to an end, just six months after Banshee. Your place is empty, at home and in our hearts. You will always have a very special place in MY heart. RIP xx

Sunday, 04 August 2013


29/10/2002 - 25/01/2013 My first German Shepard, the best birthday present ever! A loyal, lovable, gentle girl. Your place is empty, at home and in our heart. Will always have a special place in MY heart. xx RIP

Sunday, 04 August 2013


R.I.P ROCKY our pet, our family member Rocky passed away on Saturday night at 5.30m, in my presence. someone tried poisoning him some time ago, and due to that his liver never completely recovered...eventually it took its toll..... your dish stands empty, your place empty.. we miss you rocky....28.nov 2003 - 6.july.2013

Friday, 12 July 2013


Our deepest condolences to Jane and Coenraad Burger on the sad loss of their beautiful Boerboel Gizmo. Rest in pain free peace sweet Boy. Empangeni Dog Club Committee

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


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